Free : £5 donation recommended

The evening will be a sharp and fascinating mix of prose, poetry and music, chosen and performed by, mainly, local writers, readers and musicians. There will be an interval between 8.30-8.50pm when drinks are available and the raffle and auction will take place.

All proceeds for the evening go to Educaid, Sierra Leone, a British charity which has built an excellent model of development, through education, in one of the poorest countries, since the year 2000.

No need to book just turn up and have a stimulating evening supporting a great cause.
There are two ways to donate a £5 entry donation and the Raffle and Auction in the interval.

About Educaid
Educaid was founded by 2 university students after visiting Sierra Leone and witnessing the poverty and devastation during the ‘Rebel Wars’ of the 1990s. A country rich in natural resources, e.g., gold, diamonds, iron ore…, was, at the time, the poorest country on earth! They came back to the UK and raised funds to help. Three years later they returned to Sierra Leone to see what had been achieved with their fund raising and found, not only a country still at war, but also, deeply corrupt! They decided not to give up but to change their approach. They decided they needed to have a presence in the country and what stood out to them was the need to provide education for the poorest children and for those who had been taken to be ‘child soldiers’. As the civil war was coming to an end there was a desperate need to ‘re-socialise’ the children, so deeply affected by war and poverty, and help create greater equality and feedom.
Since the year 2000, the Educaid model of development has created ten schools and a girls safe house to educate, feed, accommodate and provide welfare for the poorest children in what was the poorest country. During the peace there remains corruption, poverty and inequality and exploitation. However, there is a form of democracy and a peace that is now 16 years old.
Change is slow but every penny donated to Educaid goes to the schools, the pupils, the children, accommodation, food and welfare.
The quality of the teaching and learning in the Educaid schools is reflected in, not only, the very high rates of success in state examinations, but also through active and critical approaches to learning rather than the state school preference for rote learning!