The Japan Foundation | Touring Film Programme 2018

(Un)true Colours – Secrets and Lies in Japanese Cinema

Feb – Mar 2018
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Everybody has once told a lie or kept something hidden from others. Whether for good intentions or otherwise, it is a fundamental and intriguing aspect of human nature which has provided inspiration to countless storytellers and filmmakers.

With diverse cinematic voices, The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2018 features some of the best examples of cinema from Japan and will look at how the country’s filmmakers have been drawn to portraying the “(un)true” colours of human nature. The twists and turns of life portrayed in the programme are at times heart-rending, at other times hilarious, but always enthralling.

Programme Feb – Mar 2018

Oh Lucy (15) Atsuko Hirayanagi  | Sat 3 Feb 3pm
55-year-old office drone Setsuko finds salvation in the form of John, an American teacher in a Tokyo language school with an unorthodox approach to teaching. When John abruptly quits and returns home, Setsuko sets off to the States on a journey of discovery. Find out more

Initiation Love (12A) Yukihiko Tsutsumi | Sun 4 Feb 2:45pm
In a love story with dark undertones set in late 1980s Japan, everything changes for Suzuki when he is forced into a long term relationship with partner Mayu. An imaginative film, ripe with 80s nostalgia and a storyline that keeps you guessing right until the end. Find out more

Birds Without Names (18) Japan Now Special Strand Kazuya Shiraishi | Fri 9 Feb 5:40pm
A subliminal thriller focusing on the twisted and loveless relationship between Towako, a despicable woman and Jinji, an uncouth but devoted man 15 years her senior. One day, everything changes when Towako discovers her ex-lover has been mysteriously missing for 5 years. Find out more

Joy of Man’s Desiring (PG) Masakazu Sugita | Sun 18 Feb 3:30pm
The story of siblings left orphaned after a huge earthquake strikes Japan, this award winning, beautifully poetic and humane film portrays the strong bond between brother and sister, and the process of overcoming loss. Find out more

Sing My Life (12A) Nobuo Mizuta | Sun 25 Feb 2:30pm
When eccentric and sharp-tongued grandmother Katsu is magically transformed back into her 20-year-old self, she embarks on a journey to become a pop singer. A cross-generational hit comedy charmingly uncovering one woman’s hidden desires. Find out more

Japanese Girls Never Die (15) Daigo Matsui | Fri 9 Mar 7:30pm
Cryptic graffiti appearing across town; a girl gang violently attacking men at random—are they all related to Haruko Azumi’s disappearance? This anarchic and vibrant drama follows the lives of women, from teenagers to twenty-somethings, in contemporary Japan. Find out more

Memoirs of a Murderer (18) Yu Irie | Sat 24 Mar 3:30pm
When a legal loophole allows a string of unsolved murders to pass the statute of limitations, the fame-hungry killer emerges in public spotlight announcing the release of his “tell-all” book. A huge domestic box office hit featuring an all-star cast. Find out more

MUMON: The Land of Stealth (12A) Yoshihiro Nakamura | Sun 25 Mar 2:45pm
The tale of Mumon, an invincible but carefree shinobi (ninja) whose actions soon find him involved in a deadly war with the son of the imperious warlord Nobunaga Oda. This fresh take on a period drama uncovers the untold nature of the ninja and features a host of fantastical martial arts tricks. Find out more

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