Elsa James: Black Girl Essex

22 June 2019 12pm - 4pm
22 June - 22 September 2019 10am - 5pm


Join us for the launch event in Firstsite’s Mosaic Gallery space on Saturday 22 June 12pm, with food from S&S Caribbean Café.
Exhibition then continues until Sun 29 September 2019.

Drawing on the original conception of the gallery surrounding the Berryfield Mosaic as ‘Colchester’s sitting room’, Firstsite has re-conceived the space as a working studio for the next 3 years— a site for not only the presentation of art, but also its making.

We’re delighted to announce that British African-Caribbean artist, producer and activist Elsa James will be exhibiting and working within Firstsite’s ‘Living Room’. Based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, James’s work focuses on opinions held towards people of African Caribbean heritage and the stereotyping of Essex women. Over the next three months, she will be using the space to develop her artwork through a programme of open discussion with the Black communities in Colchester and Essex.

Join us on Saturday 22 June 12pm to see a selection of James’s existing works, and enjoy food from S&S Caribbean Café.