Art Reading Group

First Saturday of every month

FREE just drop in, no booking required

Monthly reading sessions open to all that encourage discussions around books relating to artists, art history, art theory and the contemporary art world. The texts are chosen by those attending the meetings and are restricted to books that cost £10 or less. There is no need to book in advance for these sessions, just turn up on the day.

Books for 2018

Sat 7 Apr
‘Bohemians – the glamorous outcasts’ by Elizabeth Wilson (2009)

Sat 5 May
‘Design as Art’ by Bruno Munari (1998)
One of the Futurists, he was described by Picasso as the new Leonardo. He comments on a wide range of design applications in an entertaining way.

Sat 2 Jun
‘Eric Gill’ by Fiona McCarthy (1990)

Sat 7 Jul
‘Art and the City’ by Nicholas Whybrow (2010)
Looks at the interaction of public art and citizens, around three areas: walking, play, cultural memory