Y.A.K (Young Art Kommunity) was Firstsite Colchester’s young people led group who programmed events and activities exploring socioculture. Y.A.K. has worked with visual artists, dancers, film-makers, graphic designers, performance artists and street artists.
Despite being officially over the legacy of Y.A.K continues Y.A.K led events continue every Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday details below:

Mondays 5pm – 8pm Clip Sound and Music Experiments
Clip is a weekly meet up for anyone with an interest in the more experimental side of music and sound. This is an opportunity for sonic exploration through collaboration, discussion, sharing ideas, jam sessions, installations, live soundtracks and workshops. Alongside a weekly meet up we organise regular performances which showcase ideas and skills developed within the workshops.


Tuesdays 5pm – 7pm Limitless Street Dance 15 – 25 year olds only
If you are a dancer and want to be more involved in a local dance community feel free to drop by and work on your moves with Limitless crew.
These open sessions are led by Y.A.K Artists Andi Mill and Isaac James with opportunities for performance, competitions and teaching.

Limitless from Y.A.K (Young Art Kommunity) on Vimeo.


Wednesday 5- 7.30PM Flow Group Circus Skills Workshop
Join YAK artists Chaz Allington-Lodge and Reece Miller at this informal session using ‘flow toys’ for manipulation, dancing, tricks and performance.

We have poi, hula hoops, staff, juggling balls, contact juggling, diablo, devil sticks, and crash mats for acro balance but please feel free to bring your own toys.

Learn from each other, while having fun and meeting new people. With opportunities for performing, teaching and fire spinning.

Visit the YAK Facebook page for more details and regular updates on everything YAK.

Y.A.K was a part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.