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Bringing Firstsite to You

Firstsite off-site

Why not take Firstsite to your very own classroom by booking an artist to visit your school and deliver a skills-based session. Alternatively you can access the ArC Suitcases, a fabulous resource for primary schools to hire. ArC stands for Art Reflecting Citizenship and schools can keep the suitcases for up to two weeks and each class can share the resource during that time.

Firstsite is a welcome organisation for Arts Awards. We are happy to discuss visits or activities specifically related to Arts Awards.

For more information about Firstsite opportunities or your visit, contact Sue Hogan, on 01206 713707 or email schools@Firstsite.uk

Supported Initiatives

Our reputation is partly built on our huge range of initiatives designed to help people of all ages engage with, and develop their skills in, contemporary art. From children’s workshops to structured awards, there’s something to suit everyone. Our programme of art exhibitions, films, events and workshops are ever changing to provide art lovers, students, toddlers and families with a constant source of fun, culture and contemporary visual art. Visit our What’s On page to find out more.

Arts Awards

Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards inspire children, families, young people and adults to discover, explore, discuss, learn about and create using a wide range of contemporary art forms.

Arts Mark

Arts Council England’s flagship, Ofsted recognised programme to help schools evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their arts and cultural provision.

Children’s University

A national organisation providing 7-15 year-olds (or families with 5-6 year-olds) with exciting and innovative learning activities outside school hours.

Learning to Look

Our Learning to Look team works with pupils, students and staff from schools and colleges, providing visits to Firstsite, opportunities to work with artists and artist-designed resources and CPD.