Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie

The Wrong Film Club

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“As close as you can get to absolute nothing and still have a product to project on the screen” – Roger Ebert

“It’s short on originality but long on hustle, gymnastics and lavender goo” – Empire

Welcome to The Wrong Film Club! Grab a drink at the bar, then join us as we invite you to heckle, mock and riff along to some of the greatest fiascos in cinematic history.  To celebrate life in our new home at Firstsite, we are proud to present the superhero TV-spinoff, ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie’.

With only one more sleep until the reboot reaches UK cinemas, this is the perfect time to remind yourselves how far we have come with a look back at the excruciating 1995 original. Having laid dormant for over 6000 years, Ivan Ooze (played with utter relish by Paul Freeman, ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’) is free to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting earth, starting with Angel Grove – home of the Power Rangers. With the town’s parents at his hypnotic mercy, can six ordinary teenagers (all played by actors in their twenties) with extraordinary powers use the power of a passing comet and an appallingly animated CG dinosaur robot to defeat Ooze and save the world? Let’s hope not…

PLUS: Thom Barrett (Colchester New Comedian Of The Year 2013), offering the kind of take on nerd culture only two total, utter nerds could.

Please note: The Wrong Film Club is a live cinema event, in which the usual rules and reverence of the cinema are inverted, with live commentary accompanying each film containing strong language and adult humour. Therefore, while the film is rated PG, this event is only suitable for ages 16+