15 June 2018 11am - 5pm

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Join Firstsite for a unique symposium about identity and individual voice. Through a combination of talks, performances and screenings this event invites discussion about the importance of female autonomy, activism and equality.

‘Do you feel like your voice is heard?’ brings together artists, cultural thinkers and local partners in an energetic and inspiring day of action. It builds on a series of projects that Firstsite have presented over the last year exploring ‘identity’. This includes 2017 Turner-Prize winner Lubaina Himid’s ‘Warp and Weft’; Emily Mulenga ‘Taking Up Space’; Rose Finn-Kelcey ‘Power for the People’; and ‘The Britishness Project’ – a ground breaking exhibition made by young people in collaboration with professional artists in the aftermath of the recent EU referendum.

The title of the symposium is inspired by an artwork by The Gilberd School and Alternative School of Economics (Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck) that is currently on display in ‘The Britishness Project’ at Firstsite.

Lunch and refreshments are included.

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